Further Reports Confirm Apple to Start ‘iPhone 5S’ Production Later in July

AllThingsD reports Apple is set to begin its production of the ‘iPhone 5S’ later this month, corroborating an earlier report from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who yesterday reported a low-cost iPhone was already under way. According to sources at AllThingsD:

Apple is ramping up production of its next-generation iPhone ahead of an expected fall introduction that could include a second, lower-cost version of the device.
That’s the latest from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, whose channel checks suggest that Apple’s manufacturing partners will begin pumping out the iPhone 5s later this month. And sources familiar with the company’s plans say that this is indeed the case.

AllThingsD believes there is further opportunity for Apple to target the mid-tier level of the smartphone segment, priced at the $300-$400 range, similar to what Misek has echoed. Earlier today a report by Digitimes claimed iPhone 5S production was being delayed due to low yield rates of the finger print sensors.