Rogers: 1 Million+ Customers Sharing Data Between Devices, New Plans Coming

Rogers has announced on their Redboard the company now has over one million customers sharing data between their devices and notes they will soon introduce new data sharing plans later this year:

Today we have more than one million customers sharing data between devices and family members. With our family plans, customers get one convenient bill to manage, plus unlimited talk and text, and a large bucket of data to share with the whole family. Individual plans allow customers to share their voice, text and data across all of their devices, including phones, tablets and sticks.

Yesterday it was revealed the company is set to announce its two-year term pricing, which should bring Rogers in line with existing prices revealed by TELUS and Bell. The former introduced sharable data plans starting from $15 for 250MB all the way up to $150 for 10GB. It’ll be interesting to see if Rogers will replicate this model or come up with something unique on its own.

Are you currently sharing your data plan between your iPhone and another device on Rogers?