Apple Tests Larger Screens for iPhone, Up to 13-Inches for iPad says WSJ

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple has been asking its supply chain for larger prototype screens of its iPhone and iPad models, with requests for the latter going up to 13 inches:

Apple and its Asian suppliers are testing larger screens for iPhones and tablets, officials at the company’s suppliers say.

In recent months, Apple has asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than 4 inches and has also asked for screen designs for a new tablet device measuring slightly less than 13 inches diagonally, they said.

This rumour sounds familiar to a previous story in late May, where Korean publication ETNews claimed Apple was working on an ‘iPad maxi’, measuring 12.9-inches, as a possible replacement for textbooks in the classroom.

The WSJ also says Apple and its suppliers are gearing up production of a new iPad later this month, according to sources at component suppliers. The new 9.7-inch model is expected to be thinner and lighter due to a slimmer display, but sport the same resolution. Digitimes recently reported LG panel shipments are set to gear up for this fall, hinting at a new 9.7-inch iPad and possibly a Retina iPad mini debut in October.

As for the next iPhone, supplier officials said components have started to be mass produced as of last month; one source said Apple told Foxconn to prepare to ship new iPhones in August.

The rumours of a bigger iPhone will surely please Donald Trump. Again, Apple probably tests numerous prototypes that never make it to market, so this story possibly is just to please investors who want the company to release more (and bigger) products like its competitor, Samsung.