Rogers 2-Year iPhone 5 Pricing, Monthly Plans Revealed, Coming August 9

A while back Rogers noted they were set to reveal their two-year term pricing ‘shortly’ and now MobileSyrup has shared what these plans will entail prior to their official launch on August 9.

The monthly plans will include unlimited nationwide talk and text, voicemail, call display and those bringing their own devices (unlocked iPhones for example) will get 10% off their bills. Sharing options are available as users can add an extra smartphone or tablet to their plan for an additional fee.

Below are the monthly prices and included data allowance (data overage cost in brackets):

  • $70, 250 MB data ($15/300 MB)
  • $80, 500 MB data ($15/300 MB)
  • $85, 1 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $105, 3 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $120, 6 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $140, 10 GB data ($15/1 GB)

As for iPhone pricing on two years, they are as follows:

  • 16 GB iPhone 4S – $149.99 (normally $99 on 3 years)
  • 16 GB iPhone 5 – $249.99 (normally $179 on 3 years)
  • 32 GB iPhone 5 – $349.99 (normally $279 on 3 years)
  • 64 GB iPhone 5 – $449.99 (normally $379 on 3 years)

Although contracts are now two years, subsidized pricing still has not reach parity with that of our neighbours in the USA. A 16GB iPhone 5 on AT&T starts at $199.99, while the 16GB iPhone 4S starts at $99.99, all on two year contracts. In Canada, customers will be paying $50 more for subsidized iPhones (Canadians also pay $50 more for unlocked iPhones from Apple if that makes you feel any better!).

Plans by Rogers and TELUS include nationwide talk and text, unlike two year offerings by Bell.

Take a look at the above prices, absorb what’s there and tell us what you think! Has the upcoming introduction of the CRTC Wireless Code changed anything for the better? Or have prices essentially stayed the same, but just spread out now over two years instead of three?

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