FitBark – A Tiny Wireless Dog Activity Tracker [Kickstarter]

Claimed to be the world’s tiniest wireless activity tracker for dogs, FitBark is a new Kickstarter project that promises to help you stay connected with your pet, providing insights into its life so you’ll know exactly when to take action. Designed from a dog’s perspective, FitBark is so comfortable that your dog will love it and “so simple, a human can use it”.

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FitBark leverages existing APIs of human fitness trackers to bring you a unified view of your fitness level and that of your dog, by seamlessly receiving input from your Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, Withings Pulse, or Bodymedia Fit over bluetooth. A dashboard provides you insights into the lifestyle and well being of your entire family, seamlessly pulling activity data from multiple FitBark devices and human fitness trackers. Users can also get an additional “FitBark base station”.

Should I get a FitBark base station? If you’d like to receive real-time updates from your dog while he or she is not within the Bluetooth range of another authorized smartphone, then our base station is for you. It receives activity information from your dog and uploads it to our web server via Wi-Fi through your internet wireless router. This is particularly useful if your dog spends time home alone (or at a day care) and you’d like to stay connected without relying on others.

The campaign has already raised $23,267 of its $35,000 goal in only 3 days. The funding period will end on Aug 26, 2013 so you’ve got plenty of time to make a pledge.

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