Union Representing Shaw, TELUS Workers Oppose Wireless Rules Favouring Verizon

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The Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU), representing workers from Shaw and TELUS across Canada have released a statement opposing Ottawa’s wireless plans which seek to bring Verizon into the country as a fourth national wireless player.

“Tempting voters with the lure of cheaper cell phone bills seems to be Mr. Harper’s plan, but it’s a mirage. There is no guarantee of lower prices. It is a complete manipulation of the Canadian public.” says TWU National President Lee Riggs.

“Instead, Verizon will be able to easily swing into the lucrative urban markets, ignore rural communities and Canadian consumers and workers will be no further ahead,” says Riggs.

Riggs went on to say “Canadians should be gravely concerned about the potential devastating impact this type of flawed government policy can have on Canadian consumers, workers, their families and their communities.”

Back in July, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) similarly voiced its concern with Ottawa and argued wireless spectrum rules were unfair.

Earlier this evening a report from the Globe and Mail said Verizon had suddenly shifted gears and delayed its plans to acquire WIND Mobile and Mobilicity, leaving the future of the latter companies up in the air.