TELUS Warns of International Lottery Scam in BC, Alberta, Manitoba

TELUS has issued a statement in regards to an international lottery scam taking place, which affects customers in BC, Alberta and Manitoba. Residents in those provinces have been receiving notices via letter mail falsely claiming to an association with TELUS and Koodo.

Known as an “advance fee scheme,” the scam involves letters that appear to be originating from England stating the recipient has won a $51,950 cash prize, and asking that you deposit a money order to cover taxes and processing fees with your bank to claim the prize. The letter includes a cheque to cover the recipient’s costs. However, that cheque is forged and will bounce, while any money deposited will be lost.

The letters claim to be from an organization titled The National Lottery (in conjunction with Koodo Mobile and TELUS Corporation). The letters state the recipient is a lucky winner in the World International Consumers and telephone users sweepstakes held in the United Kingdom on July 28.

TELUS says the letters are fraudulent and are in no way related to the company; customers are being asked to recycle them. The RCMP Anti Fraud department and Canada Post are aware of this scam. Be vigilant out there people–letter mail is still in use and can be dangerous to your bank account.