Rumour Claims Apple Special Event to Take Place October 15

French site claims Apple will hold a special event on October 15, according to the latest whispers the site is hearing. The site states iMac stock has been at its lowest at brick and mortar stores despite online still saying ship times of 24 hours and postulates the next special event to be held by Apple could introduce new iPads and Macs.

Last year, Apple announced its October 23 special event on October 16 (meanwhile, AllThingsD leaked the event date four days prior). This event saw the announcement of the iPad mini, a refreshed fourth generation Retina iPad, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, an all-new iMac and Mac mini refresh and iBooks 3.0.

If history repeats itself, similar to why we saw with Apple’s recent iPhone special event from last week, we could very well see another separate event held in October. Many expect Apple to release a thinner iPad 5 based on alleged leaks and also an updated iPad mini with Retina display.

Take this date with a grain of salt as anyone could take a stab at random Tuesday in October as Apple’s next event date (so that means either the 1st, 15th, 22nd or 29th; probably the latter three would make more sense) as the odds of guessing correctly are pretty good.