How to Find Out When Your iPhone 5c Pre-Order Will Arrive

Last year Apple provided an estimated delivery map for iPhone 5 and iPad pre-orders to inform customers when their pre-orders would arrive. This year, the map is gone but a new tool now estimates when your order will arrive if you received a shipping estimate of “Delivers 9/20-9/24”.

All you have to do is visit this link, enter your postal code and your estimated delivery date should appear. We just told your our unlocked iPhone 5c pre-order is making its away across Canada. Our estimated delivery date shows: September 20.

Screen Shot 2013 09 19 at 9 21 05 AM

The fine print reads (yes, it applies to us):

*Applicable only if the delivery quote on your order confirmation email is: “Delivers 9/20-9/24”, and you pay with a credit card or other form of immediate payment.

If you missed out on the first wave of iPhone 5c pre-orders, this tool won’t apply to you.

Of course, this is an estimated delivery date, but we’re pretty confident we’ll get our grubby little hands on the iPhone 5c by tomorrow, as we haven’t experienced late Apple pre-order arrivals–yet (**knocks on wood**).

What’s your estimated arrival date?