Leaked Poster Promotes iPhone 5s/5c on China Mobile’s TD-LTE Network


Looks like the rumoured Apple and China Mobile deal will finally go through. Unwired View points to a Chinese site that has leaked the alleged iPhone 5s/5c release through the world’s biggest carrier.

The poster highlights the theoretical 100 Mb/s download speed the recently released devices are said to support on China Mobile’s TD-LTE network. As we have previously reported, Apple’s two new iPhones received the government’s approval earlier this month.

The only thing that’s missing- is the permission from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) [for China Mobile] to light-up the TD-LTE network for commercial use.

This permission is coming pretty soon. There is a lot of discussion about how soon exactly, but now we can stop speculating about the worst case scenario. According to MIIT minister Miao Wei, the first 4G licenses will most definitely be issued by the end of the year. Though the informed sources inside MIIT are whispering much earlier date – middle of October, with China Mobile’s 4G network going live soon after – in November.

Apple and China Mobile started negotiations years ago, but without success, mainly due to the carrier’s network requirements. But that was rumoured to have changed with the launch of its LTE network.

The two leaders met a couple months ago to discuss matters of cooperation. There were rumours ahead of the iPhone 5s/5c release that China Mobile would support the device at launch, but it never materialized. However, if we can believe the poster, Apple is that close to conquering the Chinese mobile market.