Tim Cook Reportedly Visits China to Discuss Next Gen iPhone Debut


Tim Cook visited China this week to meet with Chinese carriers to kick start the next generation iPhone sales, according to a local report published by Tech.ifeng.com [Google translation] (via AppleInsider).

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Chinese newspaper reports that Tim Cook has met with China Telecom’s senior leaders. The carrier is a strong Apple partner.

The topic of the secret meeting wasn’t disclosed, but some sites speculate that on the plate is Apple’s forthcoming lower-cost iPhone, which allegedly will be called the iPhone 5C, and Apple’s position in the market. The latter doesn’t look too bright, at least in the light of the most recent reports.

The Chinese report also speculates that Tim Cook has met with other local carriers as well, including China Mobile, the biggest carrier in the world, which doesn’t carry the iPhone — yet.

Apple and China Mobile have been talking for quite some time now, but Apple couldn’t strike a deal with the wireless player due to network compatibility issues … but maybe this year.

Since Cook over Apple, Cook visited China March 2012 and earlier this year, when he met with China Mobile to discuss the details of the cooperation.