TELUS Link Launches: Next Generation 4G LTE Push-To-Talk

Telus has officially announced the launch of its new 4G LTE push-to-talk service called Link. We told you last night how this next generation PTT service is set to replace the legacy IDEN network, which the company today says will continue to be supported for “at least the next couple of years.”

TELUS Link, the next generation Push To Talk (PTT) service over TELUS’ 4G HSPA and LTE networks as well as Wi-Fi, will be available to customers in mid-October. TELUS Link will provide instant ‘walkie-talkie’ voice communication with an individual or a team as well as standard wireless service, enabling members of a work team to connect in less than one second wherever they are. Customers can also roam in the U.S. and around the world with enhanced coverage via PTT over Wi-Fi.

Telus link

Telus Link is set to be available in mid-October with unlimited Canadian PTT features and plans starting at $15/month.