Wireless-Themed ‘Consumers First’ Website Updated to Accept Party Donations

The federal Conservative Party launched the website ConsumersFirst.ca back when Industry Minister James Moore embarked on a cross country tour to ‘strike back’ against the rhetoric of the Big 3 ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign. The website at the time provided wireless facts for Canadians at the time.

The site was also in conjunction with Industry Canada’s ‘More Choices’ web page which detailed more about the state of the Canadian wireless industry.

The federal NPD Party questioned the website and asked for public consultation on the issue since the Industry Minster “has gone so far as to launch a partisan website and improvise a behind-closed-doors national tour on the issue.”

The partisan ConsumersFirst.ca website has now been updated with a ‘Donate Now’ button and also four major points ahead of the Federal government’s Throne Speech, which is expected to be consumer-focused (set for today at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT).

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Sections now detail how the government is set to focus on:

  • Defending Canadian Consumers
  • Enhancing broadband networks for rural Canadians
  • Give consumers choice in TV package services
  • Reducing Roaming Costs for Canadians (also mentions greater competition, with four wireless companies in each market, more choices, lower prices)

Screenshot 2013 10 16 12 53 39

Expect the Throne Speech to include most of these points listed on the site. The 2015 federal election campaign starts soon and it appears Ottawa has pushed back hard against the Big 3 to reach out to Canadian consumers over wireless issues. Will it work?