Apple Decorates Yerba Buena Center Ahead of Oct. 22 iPad Event [PICS]

With Apple’s upcoming iPad special event set to debut on Tuesday, October 22, decorations are already underway at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

The large panes of glass on the exterior of the building are now being adorned with the design seen from the event’s press invitation, consisting of colourful leaves.

Below are images of the decorations underway along with a blueprint which shows the final layout as well:

Image  1


Yerba Buena Center was the venue where Steve Jobs first introduced the original iPad back in 2010 and other product launches. Apple is expected to launch new iPads, OS X Mavericks and Mac-related refreshes on Tuesday.

[via 9to5Mac]

Update: reader @i0livier provides his attempt at deciphering the invite–could we see a Retina iPad mini this year? Notice how the ‘leaves’ could be represented by ‘eyes’…Retina display, BOOM! He also adds as the leaves get closer to the logo, the density increases.

ipad mini 2 retina invite