Rogers Business Customers Hit with iPhone 5s Shipment Delays [u]

Rogers opened up their device reservations for the iPhone 5s on the September 20 launch day and so far, regular customers have received their shipments, but not all customers have been included.

Many Rogers Business customers have not received any shipments yet and have taken to the Rogers Community Forums to voice their complaints, such as user pktlam:

so another week gone and still haven’t made any progress with the order.. can someone tell me why regular consumers are superior to business customers?? why ain’t the iphone 5s distributed in a 50/50 or even 40/60 ratio and it’s 100% consumer and screw you business customers? we can call in as many times as we want and all they will say is they don’t know.. are their money worth more than ours?? this is really frustrating as i’m not allowed to go to a store to do my upgrade after talking to them on the phone over and over again keep telling me the only way is to wait otherwise they won’t offer me the subside.. and then over here the iphone 5s are 99% allocated to regular consumer where they also have the choice to go do the upgrade in store?? what kind of policy is this?

Numerous other complaints also question the company as to why they business and corporate customers are being ‘ignored’ and have made comparisons as to how rival corporate customers at TELUS and Bell have received their iPhone 5s orders. Some business customers that made reservations on day one are being read scripted responses by Rogers customer service agents on the phone, making the situation worse.

Another reader, Stephen, tells us he has been stuck at #400 in the queue for over a month waiting for a Space Gray and Gold iPhone 5s. Multiple calls to Rogers has resulted in no concrete responses for the delay. Meanwhile, customers on the consumer side, even those in the #600 spot received their iPhones last week.

The supply issue most likely is related to Apple as the iPhone 5s remains in high demand, but the situation has not been handled properly by Rogers in their message back to business and corporate customers.

We reached out to Rogers for comment and a spokeswoman provided the following statement:

“Due to limited 5s inventory in Canada, demand is outpacing availability. The iPhone 5s and 5c are very popular devices worldwide and we are doing everything we can to get devices in the hands of our customers.  We value our business customers and are working diligently with Apple to fulfill these orders as soon as possible.”

Are you a Rogers business/corporate customer affected by this iPhone 5s delay?

Update Oct. 18, 1:03PM PDT: Rogers just sent us another update via email:

5s inventory in Canada is limited and outpacing availability. With every shipment from Apple, we are working hard to get units to our customers as quickly as possible including business reservations, consumer reservations, in-store stock and call center. In particular, certain models like the 16/32/64GB gold and silver models are particularly in high demand so order fulfillment largely depends on the make and model you have ordered. We thank our customers for their continued patience.