Fido Promo: $55, $60 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plans with 3GB [Quebec Only]

Alrighty, the Fido promos continue to roll out today, with the latest changes coming for customers in Quebec. New $55 and $65 per month unlimited Canada-wide plans have launched for the province with 3GB of data.

The plan is $55 per month under the Standard Plan (but if you bring your own device you get 10% off, making it $49.50):

Screenshot 2013 11 05 14 34 51 2

For those looking for two year subsidies, the same plan is available for $60 per month under Smart Plans:

Screenshot 2013 11 05 14 33 05 3

These offers are aimed directly at Videotron’s unlimited $59.95 per month plan, which includes Canada-wide calling and 1GB of data. The same plan with 6GB of data is $79.95 per month.

Screenshot 2013 11 05 14 45 31

As of writing, Virgin Mobile and Koodo have not updated their websites to match these Fido plans, yet.

If you’re a Fido customer in Quebec, definitely call in and get your extra data or jump to these new plans.