Honda Introduces iOS in the Car Mirroring, Siri Eyes Free Updates Coming Soon

ios in the car.png

Back in January, Honda announced that it would be bringing Apple’s Siri Eyes Free feature into some of its 2013 models, including the 2013 Accord. Honda has promised that the Siri Eyes Free feature will be available at the beginning of December. Apple is working with car manufactures like Audi, GM, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota to implement the Siri Eyes Free feature.

Earlier this year at WWDC, Apple unveiled a new way to further integrate its mobile platform into cars and they called it iOS in the Car. The new features will see Apple working with car manufactures to allow users to place calls, view maps, interact with Siri, device mirroring, and much more.

9To5Mac reports, Honda will be the first to support iOS in the Car, which includes iOS mirroring, on December 4. Honda will initially support this feature in its new 2014 Civic. Drivers of the new 2014 Civic will be able to control their iOS device using a 7-inch multitouch display built into the dashboard of each car.

In a tweet, Honda confirmed that the mirroring feature will be available in the 2014 Civic when it goes on sale next moth.