German Apple Reseller Takes Mac Pro Preorders with December 16 Availability?

The first “Made in the USA” Apple product, the Mac Pro, was officially announced in October, but the launch was postponed until December. While we are waiting for Apple to officially announce the launch date of the redesigned machine, an authorized Apple reseller based in Germany has already started taking preorders for December (via MacRumors).

Mac Pro Preorder Germany

On the site of Conrad Electronic, the new Mac Pro already appears in two stock configurations, with availability on December 16, 2013. This is the first information about the possible availability of the Mac Pro. According to MacRumors, the supply of the Mac Pro will likely be constrained due to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge-EP processors.

A holiday launch has little to no relevance for the Mac Pro because this machine targets professionals, but there are other factors that can influence this delayed launch.

A MacGeneration tweet from earlier this week seems to corroborate the rumoured December 16 release date. The French site has heard that the Mac Pro could arrive to customers on December 18, which is in line with the December 16 availability if we factor shipping time in.