Houzz: Amazing Ideas to Help you Decorate Every Room [Review]

Decorating a room or a house? Houzz is the app you need to get you started!

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Navigating through Houzz is intuitive and there are a vast number of pictures to inspire you

Houzz is a like a catalogue that’s full of products and ideas to fill your home. Browsing products is easy, because of the large amount of categories and options available to refine your search further by style and sort by popularity, featured and activity. If you’re just looking for ideas there are many pictures of rooms and houses from across the globe to inspire you.

If you’re looking to renovate and need a pro you can search for one in your area and read customer reviews. There’s also a bunch of articles on a variety of topics in the Ideabooks tab and an active discussion forum.

The two things I like most about Houzz is all the content and that it’s all organized. I had no problem looking up different styles of couches, desks, cabinets and navigating from there to Ideabooks or anywhere else was easy.

Though I won’t be buying anything through Houzz as I like to try out furniture before I buy it, which is too bad as some products are only available online. That being said, I find Houzz is still incredibly useful when trying to figure out how to finish a room in my home, as I’ll have a better understanding of what I want and I can try to find something similar locally.

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There are a lot of articles on a variety of topics, but there are even more products to see

If you’re standing in the middle of a room right now and wondering how you’ll ever furnish it or decorate it or both you should go download Houzz for free from the App Store. Then, tell us if you found something great you want to put in your home.