Got a Wireless Complaint? Just Call the CCTS


It’s that time of year again – the holiday shopping period – when the best smartphone deals pop up, but starting December 2, 2013, it will be different compared to previous years, because the new Wireless Code has come into force. This means saying goodbye to three-year contracts, and the busiest time for the CCTS entity, which is helping to enforce the new code with the help of CRTC. Got a wireless complaint? The CCTS‘ operators are awaiting your call.

Maintaining impartiality is key. CCTS is funded by the industry, but operates independently. Membership is mandatory for telcos. Those that resist are named and shamed, with the most recalcitrant eventually referred to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for enforcement.

Fact is, the number of wireless complaints is rising. As we pointed out earlier in November when the federal Telecommunications Services (CCTS) Complaints Commissioner released the analysis of the 2012–2013 fiscal year, Bell and Rogers took the “crown” in terms of complaints, accounting for 56% of all wireless complaints.

The reasons for the rising number of complaints vary, but its base is that Canadians are growing more reliant on wireless devices. But the good news is that the CCTS is there to register your complaint and help you to solve problems, and it is taking steps to be able to increase its efficiency: it started with 19 employees, and now has 51. But this doesn’t seem to be enough to meet the high demand, and the CCTS is preparing to hire and has plans to move to a bigger location in the capital next February.

During this period of the year, however, the CCTS commissioner is prepared for continuous phone ringing:

“We expect the phones to be busier,” commissioner Howard Maker said to the Globe and Mail. “I hear friends of mine talking about [the code] and what it means for them. Nobody really understands as far as I can tell. So, we’re going to get a lot of that business.”

So what do you expect? Put an end to your wireless problem and call the CCTS!