Google Overtakes Apple as Most-Talked-About Company of 2013

Dow jones infographic

Apple is no longer the most-discussed company worldwide, a new infographic from Dow Jones highlights. The data was gathered from each story published in 2013 through its growing database of global English-language publications, reports the Business Insider.

Scanning through the published stories, the news giant found that Google topped Apple, as it was mentioned slightly more than the Cupertino-based iPhone maker. The search giant was mentioned in more than 123,000 stories, while Apple was mentioned in “only” about 120,000 stories.

Apple surrendered its crown to Google this year after Google topped the last year’s list with 165,100 mentions. An interesting highlight of this year, however, is that Apple’s peak months were January (14,611 mentions), April (11,731), and September (15,270).

In third place we find Microsoft, but the mention frequency is much lower compared to the other two (84,174 stories), while the Bank of America grabbed fourth place. Boeing, however, managed to rank fifth on the Dow Jones Top Media Mentions list.

Below you can find the full list of Dow Jones 2013 Top Media Mentions.

1. Google, 123,769 stories

2. Apple, 120,451 stories

3. Microsoft, 84,174 stories

4. Bank of America, 70,785 stories

5. Boeing, 61,800 stories

6. Citigroup, 59,276 stories

7. BP, 53,231 stories

8. Goldman Sachs, 51,174 stories

9. Deutsche Bank, 50,069 stories

10. IBM, 48,734