Analyst Predicts New Display Sizes for iPhone 6 and iWatch

Looking forward to an innovative 2014, DisplaySearch has released its estimates of new display panel sizes and resolutions (via CNET). And it looks like Apple is currently considering new screen sizes for the iPhone, iPad Pro, and iWatch.

In line with previous rumors, analyst David Hsieh says Apple may look into at least two iPhone 6 screen size possibilities. The iPhone 5s currently sports a 4-inch display with a 1,136 × 640 pixel resolution.

So, what are Apple’s options? According to Hsieh’s sources, the high-end version iPhone could be a 5.5-inch handset with a 1,920 × 1,080-pixel resolution display (401 PPI) based on LTPS LCD, the technology used with the iPhone 5s. The rumoured 4.7-inch version could sport a 1,600 × 900-resolution display (386 PPI), the analysts says.

IPhone 6 displaysearch forecast 2014

Regarding the iPad, Hsieh’s forecast suggests Apple may indeed opt for an iPad Pro with a 12-inch display, corroborating earlier sketchy rumours. These whispers talked about a possible 12.9-inch iPad Pro in Apple’s pipeline for a 2014 launch.

If Apple goes with the 12.9-inch version, it could use a 2,732 × 2,048 resolution display, which would basically have the same pixel density as the latest available model, the iPad Air.