A Mac OS-iOS Combination Platform Could be Apple’s “Next Big Thing”


According to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, a combination Mac OS-iOS operating system could just be Apple’s “next big thing”, that would allow iOS devices to function as full-blown computers, CNET reports. The analyst said in his recent investor note that in addition to an ‘iAnywhere’ combination OS, a larger display iPhone 6 would save Apple from being hit by a weaker smartphone market, that currently suffers from customers delaying their upgrades.

“While not a new idea, our global tech research team believes Apple could be on the cusp of introducing a new category with iAnywhere, a converged MacOS-iOS operating system that allows an iPhone or iPad to dock into a specially configured display to run as a computer,” Moskowitz said. “In our view, this category would be a leapfrog event, potentially jumpstarting iPhone and iPad growth as well as peripherals and cloud-based software and services sales.”

Analysts at JP Morgan believe that even though Apple would maintain its core Mac OS platform for traditional Macs, it could introduce ‘iAnywhere’ OS within the next 12 to 18 months. While some vendors already offer docking stations and peripherals that allow smartphones and tablets to function more like full computers, Moskowitz’s concept sounds like Apple would go a few steps further by developing a dual operating system.

Do you think Apple would go down the ‘iAnywhere’ route in the foreseeable future?