Apple Boosts “Made in the US” Program with Mac Assembler Flextronics

Mac pro

Flextronics International Ltd. has joined Apple’s supply chain as assemblers of Mac computers, reports Bloomberg. The company assembles Macs in Austin, Texas, according to Apple’s annual supplier report published yesterday. However, Foxconn remains the largest Apple partner, with seven assembly locations in China and Brazil.

Tim Cook highlighted a couple years back that it would invest more than $100 million to increase US manufacturing, focusing on US Flextronics, which joins Quanta Computer. The latter already assembles some Mac computers in California.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has made efforts to bring back manufacturing in the US: besides the Flextronics investment, the company has inked a $578 million deal with GT Advanced to manufacture sapphire glass for the forthcoming iPhone or iWatch.

As a result, the US has become the third-biggest hub in Apple’s supply chain, while China maintains the biggest, with 349 locations. Japan has 139 locations.

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