iFixit CEO: Apple Is Putting Repair Guys Out Of Business


With each generation of iOS device that Apple has released over the past several years, the company has continued to make the devices less repairable.

On Thursday, iFixit founder and CEO Kyle Wiens spoke at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco about the repairability of Apple’s iOS devices. He said the reason he built his company was because there is no official public information for servicing and repairing these devices.

The iFixit team will normally fly to Australia to get their hands on new Apple hardware as early as possible so they can perform their famous tear-downs and write a review about the new device.

Apple’s authorized technician certification is only valid for servicing Mac computers and is not valid for Apple’s iOS devices. Wiens said:

“They [Apple] have done everything they can to put these guys [third-party repairers] out of business.”

It is no surprise that the company wants its customers to bring their devices back to Apple if and when they break. Currently if your iOS device breaks or needs service, users would have to take them to an Apple Store and make an appointment with the folks at the Genius Bar.

iFixit offers major parts for fixing your iOS device, like a battery, screen, etc., along with complete repair guides, which are the best in the business, that show you how to repair your devices with ease. In most cases fixing an iOS device on your own would be too complicated and too risky.

Wiens ends the interview by saying:

“iPads are difficult to disassemble on purpose, the Surface Pro is impossible to take apart because Microsoft is incompetent.”

[via The Register]

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