Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case Combo On Sale for 43% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

Redesign ipadkey mf2

If you didn’t jump on the ZAGG Flex Bluetooth iPad Keyboard that’s on sale, our Deals Store has a pretty rad Bluetooth iPad Keyboard case on sale for 43% off at $39.99, which includes free shipping to Canada and more.

Redesign ipadkey mf

This aluminum case has two viewing angles for typing in portrait and landscape mode for your iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. Once you’re done with your iPad it rests flat along the keyboard for safe travels or storage.

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Top Features:

  • Standby Time: 60days
  • Charging Time: 4-5hours
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 160mA
  • Uninterrupted Working Time: 55hours
  • USB Charging Cable Included

Checkout the promo video below:

YouTube video

Click here to jump on the Bluetooth iPad Keyboard case combo while it’s still available.