1 Year of Parallels Access for iPad on Sale for 70% Off [Deals]

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If you use Parallels on your Mac or PC and have always wanted access from your iPad, this is time to jump on the following subscription sale in our Deals Store. Right now, a one year subscription of Parallels Access for iPad is on sale for 70% off at $14.99 (you save $35!).


  • Parallels Access App Launcher: Tap to start any desktop application, PC or Mac, as if it were an iPad app
  • Full Screen Apps: Mac or PC apps fill the entire iPad screen so it’s easy to get stuff done
  • Scroll & Navigate Seamlessly: Use the same familiar iPad gestures you know with any Mac or PC application
  • Connect to Mac or PC: Access up to 10 computers as you need from any location via 3G/LTE or WiFi connection

Watch the video below for a hands-on demo:

YouTube video

Parallels Access for iPad debuted last August and will allow you to take your productivity to the next level. Now that Office for iPad is out, Parallels for iPad can make sure you get things done from anywhere.

Click here to jump on Parallels Access for iPad while it’s still on sale!

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