Apple Canada Refurbished MacBook Airs Now Starts at $699

With today’s minor MacBook Air refresh, our fellow American friends saw starting prices drop $100 to $899 for the 11-inch base model. However in Canada, prices remained the same at $999 for this exact same model.

While we missed out on the discount (hey, part of being Canadian is US-tech price envy), the refurb store did actually drop prices by $100, for example on the 2012 11.6-inch MacBook Air as seen below with a 64GB SSD (it’s out of stock at the moment):

Screenshot 2014 04 29 10 20 15

Other price drops include the following on these 2012 models which don’t have Haswell processors:

  • 11.6 inch Macbook Air 128GB flash drive $749 (2012)
  • 13.3 inch Macbook Air 128GB flash drive $839 (2012)

If you spend $50 more, you could get a refurb 2013 11.6-inch MacBook Air with an updated Haswell processor for $799, which seems like a much better deal than the 2012 model.

For comparison’s sake, U.S. refurb MacBook Airs now start at $599. If you live near the U.S. border, you could have your computer shipped to one of those package receiving depots and go pick it up. Let us know if you have plans to pick up a MacBook Air soon!