Apple–Samsung Settlement Talks Experience Difficulties

Yesterday, the Korea Times reported that Apple and Samsung could settle the patent war that extends to four continents. But that isn’t going to happen, as the lawyers from both sides have expressed difficulties with one another, reports The Verge.

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Samsung lawyer John Quinn’s statement, for example, refers to Apple as a “jihadist” and calls the trial “Apple’s Vietnam”. These statements can’t foster settlement talks, and Apple’s law firm WilmerHale has expressed reservations about spending time on it.

But it isn’t just Samsung’s lawyer who has harsh words for the other party: the WilmerHale firm accused the South Korean manufacturer of licensing Apple’s patents just for the sake of cloning Apple products.

Samsung’s lawyers found it hard to digest that Apple was using its court victories to dictate possible settlement terms, such as patent royalty payments, a highly sensitive issue between the two parties.

In other words, it seems like none of the players is indeed ready to settle. Motorola, however, decided it should end worldwide patent litigation with Apple, so the two parties announced their intentions last week. This isn’t the case for Samsung.