Company CEO Unveils ‘Rogers 3.0’ Plan for “Overhauling the Customer Experience”

Rogers wireless logo

The shake up at Rogers has started and now CEO Guy Laurence has announced ‘Rogers 3.0’, a plan aimed at growing the company and revamping the customer experience as ‘One Rogers’.

Rogers 3.0: A comprehensive plan

Rogers 3.0 is a long-term plan that reflects feedback from thousands of customers, employees and shareholders. It builds on the underlying strength of the company to identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and innovation. It will be based on seven strategic priorities:

  1. Be a strong Canadian growth company
  2. Overhaul the Customer Experience
  3. Drive meaningful growth in the business market
  4. Invest in and develop our people
  5. Deliver compelling content anywhere
  6. Focus on innovation and network leadership
  7. Go to market as One Rogers

The plan says the company will reorganize around their customers, with all customer experience units reporting directly to the CEO. Laurence acknowledged in a statement the company had “neglected” customers and growth and innovation has fallen behind:

“The mix of assets, the culture of innovation and depth of employee pride is extraordinary. But we’ve neglected our customers, and we’ve let our legacy of growth and innovation slip. The plan I’ve laid out will significantly improve the experience for our customers and re-establish our growth by better leveraging our assets and consistently executing as One Rogers.”

Along with the 3.0 plan, a new management structure has been put in place (with an ongoing search to replace interim leaders):

  • Consumer Business Unit: Rob Bruce, President
  • Enterprise Business Unit: Larry Baldachin*, President (interim leader)
  • Media Business Unit: Keith Pelley, President
  • Customer Experience: Mike Adams*, Chief Customer Officer (interim leader)
  • Brand Management: Dale Hooper, Chief Brand Officer
  • Strategy, Wholesale & Development: Frank Boulben*, Chief Strategy Officer (interim leader)
  • Corporate Affairs: Phil Lind, EVP Regulatory and Vice Chairman
  • Legal: David Miller, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
  • Human Resources: Jim Reid, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Finance: Tony Staffieri, Chief Financial Officer
  • Information Technology: Linda Jojo, Chief Information Officer
  • Network: Bob Berner, Chief Technology Officer

Ask anyone about dealing with Rogers customer service and good chances are they’ll tell you a story or two (or more) about horrible and painful experiences; the company’s reputation has been hit hard over the years due to lack of consistency when it comes to customer service. Last fall’s CCTS report saw Rogers and Bell make up 56 percent of filed wireless complaints, while Telus had just over 6 percent.

I’ve experienced unfortunate Rogers customer service myself in the past and it’s a good sign for customers the new CEO is tackling this head on. Let’s wait and see what positive changes come out of this.

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