Deep Bubble Rush: If Flappy Bird Went into the Ocean [Review]

Deep Bubble Rush reminds me of the many endless side-scrolling flash games I’ve played online. It’s fun, but there’s not a lot to it. It was created by an avid reader who was formerly part of Eidos Montreal as a senior level designer. After the company faced a string of cuts which he was a part of, Vincent Cadieux decided to start making his own games to support his young family.

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You play as a fish and your goal is to collect as many bubbles as you can before you inevitability run into a sea mine, whale, blue jay, puffer fish or the sea floor. To pilot your fish around these obstacles you simply tap to swim up a bit and do nothing to sink down (similar to the bird in Flappy Bird). Your score at the end of your run is the number of bubbles you collect and during a run you can see your high score and the Best Player’s score beneath your current score.

photo 2

The wild life is a bit random

After playing a few runs of Deep Bubble Rush, I didn’t see many reasons to keep playing. Aside from chasing my friends’ or the Best Player’s high score, there’s really no hook to keep me coming back. That aside, Deep Bubble Rush is well done for what it is. From my experience the gameplay is very consistent and the previously mentioned obstacles are always avoidable, meaning it’s never the game’s fault when I hit an obstacle.


Deep Bubble Rush was recently updated with iOS Game Center integration, which was a good move. Previously, the game tracked each player’s score on its own which made it hard to compare scores with friends.

photo 3

And how come the whales and puffer fish can avoid mines and I can’t?

If you’re looking for a little challenge to occupy your time while you wait for the bus to come, for class to start, or for your significant other to finish trying on clothes, you can download Deep Bubble Rush for free from the App Store. Then tell us about your favourite quick fix game you play on your iPhone.


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