Apple’s Next MacBook Air Could be Completely Silent

Intel has today unveiled its next-generation 14nm Broadwell processors, which are expected to be fanless and deliver both a lightning-fast tablet and a razor-thin laptop. According to The Verge, Apple can use these processors to build the next generation of its MacBook Air in a thinner, lighter and completely silent form. Recent rumours have also suggested a similar upgrade, with a 12-inch Retina MBA said to be in the works. 

Macbook air

Intel’s reference PC design, that is built around the upcoming Broadwell processor, is a 12.5-inch tablet prototype which is a mere 7.2mm thick and requires no fan to keep it running cool. The chip maker is presenting the design with a keyboard accessory that converts it into a laptop, but there’s nothing stopping Apple from using it to build the next gen MacBook Air.

Intel Corporation President Renée James said Intel and the Taiwan technology ecosystem have the exciting opportunity to build on the long history of collaborative innovation to deliver seamless and truly personal computing experiences. “The lines between technology categories are blurring as the era of integrated computing takes hold where form factor matters less than the experience delivered when all devices are connected to each other and to the cloud,” said James.

Intel describes the 14nm Broadwell as the most energy-efficient Core processor in its history and promises to have it in devices on sale later this year.