Chaticle : Chat About Interesting Articles with Friends [Review]

Chaticle is a social medium and news aggregator that’s designed to let friends chat about articles. But with a Facebook account being required to start chatting, this question must be asked – does Chaticle make chatting about articles easier than Facebook does?

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Articles look good, but the app itself, not so much

First, a brief description. Chaticle has stations you follow that act as categories, such as Technology and News, and are updated regularly with new content. You can also search for and add websites and blogs to your stations page, but you may not find every site you read. Additionally, you can see what articles your friends on Chaticle have read and then invite friends to private groups you made to talk about particular articles.

You’ll have to convince your Facebook friends to start using Chaticle to get started which is hard. Another consideration is that making a group and inviting friends to it on Facebook is just as easy as making a group on Chaticle.

A Facebook group works as well as a medium for chatting about a topic or article as much as a Chaticle group. They’re both pages where you can post links to articles and comments. One more thing, Chaticle is only available on iPhone, so your Android friends are going to miss out.

I also have to say that out of all the news aggregating apps I’ve seen, such as Yahoo News Digest, Chaticle doesn’t stand out. It works well and I find the content is up-to-date with its sources, but Chaticle doesn’t look or feel good. It’s pretty bare bones aside from the chatting feature and I don’t like the lack of diverse sources from the stations. Sure, I can add almost whatever website I want, but it’s unlikely I’ll be discovering anything new through Chaticle.

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The websites and blogs are content complete on Chaticle, but you’ll have to add a bunch if you want diversity

Though Chaticle delivers on its promise, using it doesn’t make chatting about articles any easier than Facebook does. That said, if you and your friends are looking for a new app to talk about articles on your iPhones, you should download Chaticle for free from the App Store. Or, tell us how you talk about articles with your friends.