Finland’s Prime Minister Blames Steve Jobs for their Financial Woes

Steve Jobs has cost Scandinavians jobs, claims the recently appointed Prime Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb, in an interview with the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industry (via Mac4Ever).

Steve jobs holding iphone 640x480

Stubb claims Apple’s innovative flair has unsettled Finnish companies and the two pillars on which it rested: Nokia, the phone manufacturer that lead worldwide sales of feature phones and the paper industry shaken the economy of the country.

During the interview, claimed that, by announcing the iPhone and then the iPad, Apple has taken the jobs of Finnish employees. This is because the iPhone has dethroned Nokia from the top position and the iPad has led to the decline in demand for paper. However, he did add that the switch to green energy, and the popularity of computer games, may rectify this in the future.

As a closing thought, Stubb added that the country cannot rely on the state alone to produce growth. “We can do three things to promote it: Structural reforms from a national point of view, liberalizing the European internal market and promoting free trade globally. But it is not me, the Prime Minister, who can generate growth in this country,” he states.