Purported Home Button, Sensor Flex Cables For iPhone 6 and iPhone Air Appear in New Photos

Here is yet more evidence that Apple is planning to release two new iPhone models later this year: French site Nowhereelse points to Luna Commerce, a site for iPhone replacement parts, which lists separates the iPhone 6 components into two categories: iPhone 6 and iPhone Air. Here we can find the Home button flex cable, but the photos show two different designs for the part.

Iphone6 home button flex cable

As you can see in the above image, the Home button cables have the square section for the fingerprint sensor, but they are different from that of the iPhone 5s.

Iphone6 induction flex cable

Another purported iPhone 6 component image leaked today shows the induction flex cable. In the above image you can see the ambient light/proximity sensor and the microphone. When compared to the corresponding part of the iPhone 5s, we noticed that the FaceTime camera included on the iPhone 5s induction flex is missing from the alleged iPhone 6 cable.

Iphone6 nfc flex

Iphone6 nfc back

The iPhone 6 is also rumoured to feature NFC. Although this is a rumour that has been around for years now, it may materialize this fall, since the Japanese Weekly Ascii has posted images of alleged NFC flex cable.

Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone sometime in September. However, a source speaking to Macrumors suggested Apple may launch the highly anticipated handset on Tuesday, October 14.