Apple’s iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise Market Over Android


According to Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index Report, Apple continues to dominate the enterprise market with its iPhone and iPad but Android is making significant growth. 

In Q2 2014 global iOS device activations fell five percent to 67 percent, while Android saw a five percent increase bringing it to 32 percent of total global activations last quarter. 

Windows Phone devices experienced no change quarter-over-quarter remaining at one percent. Due to the BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server, Good Technology is unable to gather numbers from the Canadian smartphone manufacturer to include them in the report. 


Breaking down the numbers we can see that iPhones make up about 51 percent of iOS activations, while the iPad accounts for 16 percent. Enterprise app activations on iOS account for about 81 percent of the global enterprise market, while Android represents around 12 percent.

Document editing continued to maintain the top spot for most widely-used enterprise app. That being said, secure instant messaging edged out custom apps as the third most activated app category. 

Last month, Apple announced that it will be teaming up with IBM to transform the current state of enterprise mobility.

The reason behind the partnership between the two tech giants is to redefine the way enterprise users get their work done and to address key challenges in the industry. The partnership will allow Apple to bring IBM’s data and analytics capabilities to iOS devices.

[via TheNextWeb]