Apple Said to Launch Thinner MacBook by 2015

The Apple supply chain players involved in the Mac line of computers are, according to sources speaking to Digitimes, gearing up for a new MacBook, reportedly launching in the fourth quarter of the current year – or sometime in 2015. In addition, Apple will reportedly retire the 13-inch MacBook Pro by the end of the year, the same industry sources revealed.

Macbook air

The report apparently corroborates previous reports claiming that Apple will start the manufacture of the next generation MacBook Air sometime this fall. Actually, the sources were talking about a 12-inch version of the popular MacBook Air, which is set fill the gap between the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs, and to “enhance Apple’s leadership in the ultra-thing notebook market”.

The MacBook Air is only 0.3-1.7 cm thick, while the MacBook Pro with Retina display is only 1.8 cm. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is apparently the thickest of all with 2.4 cm, but, since it will be retired by the end of this year, Apple won’t have laptops thicker than 1.8 cm in its range.

Reports about the rumoured 12-inch model suggest that it will feature a Retina display and is also rumoured to incorporate a new cooling system, as well as a button-less trackpad.