Apple’s New iCloud Storage Plans Go Live, Existing Users Get Prorated Refunds

Apple’s new iCloud storage plans have gone live and you can see the new plans right on your iOS device. For existing users, the company has given a ‘thank you’ by upgrading their storage plans and getting prorated refunds based on their subscription plan.

IMG 2565

Check out the details from the email we received below:

We recently announced new, more affordable iCloud storage plans. As a thank you for being a current iCloud storage plan subscriber, we’ve upgraded your storage plan and you will be receiving a refund based on the reduced plan price.

Your plan has been upgraded from 25 GB of total storage at $40.00 a year to 25 GB at just $11.99 a year. You will receive a prorated refund of $13.28, which is based on the price reduction and the remaining months on your subscription. On March 1, 2015 this 25 GB plan will automatically renew and you will be charged $11.99.

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So I was previously paying $40 annually for 25GB of storage, but now that will be $11.99 per year, based on the $0.99/month plan for 20GB (plus the 5GB free).

What iCloud storage plan are you currently on? Apple’s prices, while cheaper than before, still do not rival the pricing scheme of Google and Dropbox, which offer 1TB for $9.99 per month.