Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s “Gapgate” Caused by Major Manufacturing Defect

While Samsung may be busy mocking the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus ‘bendgate’ controversy, something that has already been proved an overblown issue, the Korean company seems to have even bigger issues with its own flagship phablet, the new Galaxy Note 4. According to a report by BGR, Note 4 buyers in South Korea are reporting a major manufacturing defect in the form of a gap between the phablet’s frame and the display panel, both on the top/bottom and the sides.

Galaxy note 4 gapgate

Looking at the images posted by Galaxy Note 4 buyers, there seems to be a clear gap where there shouldn’t be as images show business cards inserted in them. The report also says that two pieces of A4 paper fit inside the gaps. Furthermore, the source notes that Samsung is apparently aware of the issue, though it is not yet known how widespread the issue is.

“Considering that Samsung has rushed Galaxy Note 4 launch, at least in its home country, to better counter the iPhone 6 record sales, it’s likely this screen separation issue is a limited manufacturing problem that will be corrected before it becomes Samsung’s “Gapgate,” or something similar, once the handset launches in more markets next month.”

Well, there you go Samsung. I don’t see why the Koreans would fake that one, don’t you think?

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