Top Fashion Brands Designing Bigger Pocket Jeans for iPhone 6 Plus

Iphone 6 plus back pocket 02

Great news for Apple fans as top fashion brands including Levi’s and American Eagle are all looking at re-engineering their jeans around bigger iPhones. According to Business Insider, some brands are specifically designing bigger pockets on their jeans to fit the 5.5-inch phablet from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Uniqlo recently told Quartz: “We are having conversations currently with the product development team regarding technology overall, and how our clothes can provide compatibility from a user perspective. Jean pockets is one of those conversations.”

Similarly, Mashable has also heard back from five fashion brands about making bigger pockets:

  • American Eagle: “Currently our men’s pockets already accommodate the larger phones including the iPhone 6 [and 6 Plus]. Women’s is still being evaluated.”
  • L.L Bean: “Within certain product lines, such as our men’s active apparel for instance, (specifically cargo/utility style pants that have side pockets that are natural spots to carry phones), we do use iPhones and Samsung phones in our fit sessions to ensure that the pockets are large enough to accommodate these larger phones. The iPhone 6 would fit in the pockets now.”
  • J.Crew: “Throughout the design process, we try to consider every aspect of the way our customers live their lives, and changing mobile technology is no exception. We think about all of these details — whether it’s introducing new tech accessories for the new iPhone 6 — or special interior pockets to carry the various generations of iPads or tablets.”
  • Lee Jeans: “It’s something that we always are considering, in terms of the functionality of our garments. Of course, we’re always going to make sure that we’re going for something that’s flattering for the consumer…but we’re always thinking about how she wears the garment, what occasion she’s wearing the jeans for and what she needs to just make them work for her everyday life.”
  • Levi’s: “Without being iPhone 6-specific, our mantra, like [Steve Jobs’], will always be to design products that make people’s lives a little better.”

So guys, would you like to see those tiny pockets on your skinny jeans replaced with big, fat iPhone 6 Plus-sized pockets?

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