Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: JELLIES!


JELLIES! by Aleksei Kalinin is Apple’s free app of the week. The game normally retails for $0.99 and is free for this week only.

Join Bob the Fisherman as he traverses the high seas, navigates through arctic glaciers and plunges beyond the ocean depths as he embarks on a heroic quest to find his fingers from the wicked jellies that have bitten them off.


The goal of the game is to catch as many jellies as possible in one minute in order to get your fingers back. Here is a list of in-game features:

– ENJOY beautiful minimalistic art design and original music design from Acid Pop

– CHALLENGE your friends and the world on global leaderboards

– RIDICULOUS dialogue and characters, from the likes of Bob, Mr. Seagull and Jellies

– VIEW your journey through the lens of InstaBob, the only social network of one man deprived of fingers

– UNLOCK achievements and partake in Missions to speed up your progress and get great stuff

– COMBO your way to victory and become a Jellies master in this easy-to-learn but hard to master feature


Timed — Connect as many same-colored Jellies as you can in 60 seconds. Create combos to increase your score and extend your time!

Multiplayer (NEW) — Play online with real people, level up and upgrade your power-ups.

Endless — Relax, play and catch Jellies at your leisure.


JELLIES! is available as a free download (normally $0.99) from the App Store. The app requires any iOS device running iOS 6 or later, and it has been optimized for the iPhone 5 / 5S. The game contains in-app purchases that range from $0.99 to $9.99.