More Apple Pay Demos at McDonald’s and Rexall in Canada [VIDEO]

Yesterday we saw an Apple Pay demo at Tim Hortons and Subway in Canada, as many Canadians with approved US bank-issued credit cards have been testing out the service.

Screenshot 2014 10 22 00 34 20 reader Ellard has been testing Apple Pay at more places and has now hit up McDonald’s and Rexall Drug Stores.

Apple Pay does not require launching Passbook to work–just position your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus near a participating contactless NFC terminal and your credit card will appear automatically on the lock screen, as seen in the McDonald’s demo below:

YouTube video

Apple Pay does not require a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to work, as your financial data is siloed within the dedicated offline Secure Element chip in new iPhone 6 models.

Here’s another quick demo at a Rexall drug store:

YouTube video

If you have an eligible US bank-issued credit card, you can follow this guide on how to setup Apple Pay in Canada and also use this MasterCard app to find locations of contactless terminals to test Apple Pay near you.