Secret Rogers Project “Stripes” Will Bring “Best Value for Money” to Customers

Canada’s largest wireless carrier has plans to execute its plan of “overhauling the customer experience” as part of CEO Guy Laurence’s Rogers 3.0 plan. A secret project currently being worked on code named “Stripes” is set to launch in the coming weeks, set to “provide the best value for money for our customers”, according to an internal doc posted by MobileSyrup:

“Rogers is launching a highly competitive and confidential project (code name: Stripes) in the coming weeks which will demonstrate exactly how serious we are about overhauling the customer experience – in a big way! Stripes will differentiate Rogers in the market and combined with Share Everything plans will provide the best value for money for our customers.”

Stripes looks to be some sort of add-on to the company’s Share Everything wireless plans, but there’s no indication of what they might be; the launch is slated sometime in mid-November.

As smartphone growth levels off, the plan now is to get users to consume more data by watching content, such as with NHL GameCentre Live. Maybe Stripes will bring customers free access to the company’s upcoming Netflix competitor shomi, a collaboration with Shaw? I don’t see the company lowering prices, but rather adding more services for the amount you’re paying per month.

Earlier this week Rogers also announced it had signed a $100 million content deal with VICE to bring new and fresh content to mobile, web and TV users.

Rogers recently hired Google VP Deepak Khandelwal to overhaul their customer service experience, which as it stands ranks alongside Bell as having the highest percentage of wireless complaints last year according to the CCTS.