Microsoft’s Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ad Declares “Game Over” vs MacBook Air [VIDEO]

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Microsoft yesterday released a new ad on its Windows YouTube channel to pit the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro versus the MacBook Air. The ad spot below touts the ‘thinness’ of the Yoga 3 Pro, plus its touchscreen capabilities which turn it into a tablet, and its ability to be propped up like a “tent” as why it’s better than the MacBook Air.

If anything, the Yoga 3 Pro should be compared against similar touchscreen hybrids that require external keyboards, not against a traditional notebook like the MacBook Air. By slamming the MacBook Air, Microsoft just gets free airtime for the Yoga 3 Pro from all the people writing about the ad (wait a minute)…

Previously, Microsoft has launched similar ads targeting the MacBook Air, as we saw back in August with this Surface Pro 3 ad.