Unicode 8.0 Confirms Canadian Flag Emoji is Coming, Eh! [PIC]

The Unicode consortium on Tuesday announced a new draft report which detailed new changes coming in Version 8.0, slated for mid-2015, which included symbol modifiers for a more broad range of skin tones, bringing some much welcomed diversity to upcoming emoji icons:

Screenshot 2014 11 04 10 35 05

Screenshot 2014 11 04 10 35 09

Screenshot 2014 11 04 10 35 13

Earlier this year Apple was working with Unicode to help make emoji characters more diverse.

What’s also interesting, which we noticed under the section “Encoding Considerations”, was the mention of support for adding more country flags by using corresponding two-letter unicode region subtags. It specifically mentioned the Canadian flag for example, confirming our national flag will debut sometime in the future:

Screenshot 2014 11 04 10 29 10

The original Japanese carrier set only had support for 10 flags but that has changed. But just because the Canadian flag is noted, doesn’t mean we’ll see it pop into iOS anytime soon. Unicode 7.0 was announced this summer and adoption by companies has been slow. Let’s just hope when an emoji update arrives on iOS, we’ll see the Canadian flag, so we can stop politely waiting for things all the time.