TELUS Launches New Voice Plans with Less Data Starting at 300MB for $20

TELUS this morning has revamped their wireless plans, giving them new names and offering less data amounts than before.

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The former Smartphone, Smartphone Lite and Feature plans are now called Premium Smartphone, Smartphone and Voice. Despite the re-branding, these new ‘Your Choice’ rate plans will follow the same structure as the former SharePlus plans, where you pick a voice plan, data plan and have the option to add up to four lines.

The new voice plans have three options: 300 local minutes (6PM evenings), unlimited local minutes and unlimited nationwide minutes, priced to start at $30 for BYOD, $40 for Smartphone and $50 for Premium smartphone (all $10 cheaper than before). But where TELUS will make this up is with their changes in data pricing, offering less data than before.

Below is a summary of the changes according to an internal TELUS document we received, as employees were informed of these changes yesterday:

Screenshot 2014 11 17 09 17 20

Below are old prices for the voice plans (as of March 2014):

Below are old prices for data (as of March 2014):

Note the new data amounts are smaller, yet remain at the same price as before. Previously it was 500MB for $25 and 1GB for $25, but now there is also a 1.5GB option at $30. Ouch.

If users opt for pre-authorized payments, a $2 discount will be given off their rate plan every month. If you are planning to add additional lines, do note the first line will be required to have a $70/month spend.

What do you think of these new ‘Your Choice’ plans from TELUS?