iOS 8.1.3 Update Coming Ahead of iOS 8.2 and Apple Watch Release

Ios 8 1 3

According to a report by MacRumors, there will be at least one more minor iOS update before Apple releases iOS 8.2 to the general public. Apple has already released iOS 8.2 beta to the developers but the source seems to have noticed visits from an increasing number of devices in the past one week, that are identifying themselves as running iOS 8.1.3.

“The first sign of iOS 8.1.3 from Apple appeared in our logs December 8, just a day before the company released iOS 8.1.2 to the public to patch a minor issue with disappearing ringtones and deliver other minor bug fixes. A day later, Apple seeded the second iOS 8.2 beta to registered developers.

The number of hits from iOS 8.1.3 remains low, numbering just a few dozen in total from Apple’s networks. A view of overall traffic from iOS 8.1.3 devices shows a clearer upward trend aside from a weekend dip, based on a much larger sample size”.

It must be noted that even though there may be faked identifiers in the general pool of web visitors, the source says that increasing usage and visits coming from Apple’s own networks “have historically been reliable indicators of Apple’s development work”. 

While a definite release date for iOS 8.1.3 download remains unknown, it is expected that a launch will not occur until early next year unless the update addresses a significant issue.