Montblanc e-Strap Combines Mechanical Watch with a Smart Wearable Device

Montblanc’s upcoming Timewalker Urban Speed collection of timepieces will have an optional e-Strap, making it the first smart connected wearable from an established luxury company. According to ABlogToWatch, the e-Strap will be a high-end leather strap that has a carbon fiber texture to it that Montblanc calls “Extreme Montblanc Leather” and is produced by them in Florence, Italy.

Montblanc Timewalker urban speed e strap watch 2

At the bottom of the e-Strap sitting under your wrist, will be an electronic module made from DLC (diamond like carbon) coated steel or in gray steel. Apparently, there will be a few size and colour options to choose from. The source notes that the reason why Montblanc simply isn’t producing a smartwatch that combines technology with luxury watch design and materials is because “according to most people in the luxury watch world, that isn’t what most of their consumers want”. In fact, many hardcore watch lovers face the upcoming dilemma of having to choose between a smartwatch and a mechanical watch.

“The e-Strap is “NATO-style” in terms of how it is designed and how it connects to the watch. Montblanc has made it clear that the e-Strap is debuting with the Timewalker Urban Speed but will be compatible with all 42mm or 43mm wide Timewalker watches currently or previously available. It should also fit on various other watches with similar lug space sizes (perhaps 22mm wide or so). Of course, if you simply don’t want the e-Strap, you can get the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed without it.

How impressive as a connected wearable device will the e-Strap’s electronic module be? It will have a 0.9 inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen display with a 128×36 pixel resolution. That isn’t exactly industry changing, but this is more than just a mere notification device. Montblanc has made it clear that in addition to basic calls, texts, e-mails, calendars, social media, and reminder notifications, the e-Strap will function as an activity monitor/tracker with a pedometer and accelerometer to measure data that feeds into an included iPhone or Android phone app.”

The e-Strap will come on a few of the new for 2015 Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed watches, but will be available for purchase separately as well.