The 10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle: Supercharge Productivity on your Mac [Deals]

If you’re looking for some apps to supercharge your Mac, then check out the 10-for-$10 Mac App Bundle in our Deals Store. Here’s what’s available:

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  • Disk Map – A Visual Roadmap of All Files & Apps on Your Hard Drive
  • MenuTab Pro for Facebook – Access Your Facebook in a Sleek App w/o Opening a Browser
  • NotesTab Pro – Safely Store & Instantly Access Your Notes
  • CopyClip 2 – The Clipboard Tool for Easy Management of Copied & Cut Data
  • Privacy Protector – Your Data from Hacker Threats & Maintain Cyber Privacy
  • Share Bucket – Simple File Sharing + Screenshot Editing & Annotating
  • StatsBar – Monitor Your Mac’s Health & Performance Efficiency
  • StockTab – Easily Monitor & Optimize Your Stock Market Investments
  • Alerts for Gmail – Real-Time Email Alerts Right On Your Menu Bar
  • InstaReel for Instagram – Easily Browse Your Instagram without Opening a Browser

Click here to jump on the 10-for-$10 Mac App Bundle while it’s still available!