The iPod Shuffle Isn’t Dead: The Lack of Supply Is Just Temporary

The iPod Shuffle won’t follow the iPod Classic’s lead, people familiar with the matter told Billboard.

Earlier this week, Apple customers noticed that Apple is running out of iPod Shuffle units. This launched a wave of speculation about Apple killing the music player popular among cyclists and runners.

Ipod shuffle

But sources familiar with the matter speaking to Billboard debunked that rumour. They say the shortage is just temporary, and everything will go back to normal as Apple contracts new component suppliers.

Rather than being discontinued, however, sources with knowledge of the situation tell Billboard that Apple is actually going thorough component supplier changes that have interrupted production of the Shuffle.

The fact is, nobody knows exactly how long this transition period will last. Well, Apple may know, but it has been silent on the matter. What we see now is that the iPod Nano is available in 1 business day, while it may take up to 10 business days for the Shuffle to arrive at your home.

If you are in the market for an iPod Shuffle, you better visit an Apple Store, maybe you will have more luck, but consider that your colour options may be limited.